2020 Annual Financial Report

Chapter 4 : Corporate social responsibility – non-financial performance

4.3.3 Commitments given by the Groupe, agencies and employees to local communities: Create & Impact 2020

For over 15 years now, Create & Impact has been the umbrella program that brings together the Groupe’s actions undertaken with communities and society in general, including pro bono campaigns, as well as volunteering and charitable activities. Create & Impact 2020 is the combination of all Groupe commitments having a societal impact, representing an estimated total of euro 45 million in 2020. In 2020, despite the crisis, employees were very active, in particular by helping caregivers (a Publicis Sapient team produced visors for caregivers), or numerous associations such as those providing food aid to underprivileged people, for which the number of beneficiaries has surged with the crisis in all major cities.

The nature of the contributions made by agencies has moved towards conducting an increasing number of charitable activities involving more volunteer employees but with a lower financial value than the pro bono campaigns. All activities carried out within the context of Create & Impact have a direct impact on populations, on local and neighboring communities, and on regional economic, social and environmental development since there is a strong proximity between the agencies and the causes they support. All of the activities included in Create & Impact have been monitored for the last four years, in line with United Nations SDGs, in order to better assess their direct impact (see the CSR section of the Groupe’s website).




  • IN 2020  EURO45 MILLIONS 
  • 255  pro bono campaign
  • 165  VOLUNTEERING projects 

Groupe agencies took part in 420 projects in 2020.

The value of these contributions has been stable over the last few years, for two reasons. Some entities have limited their commitments, reducing the number of organizations to which aid is given and the total value of that aid, and the number of projects supported by volunteering or skills-based sponsorship is growing, but their financial value is more modest.

The 255 pro bono campaigns were carried out free of charge by the Groupe’s various agencies, in addition to all the skills-based sponsorship provided. Agencies concentrate on a limited number of causes. The teams are very proud of the actual efficacy of the campaigns, and of the awards that they have won in recognition of their creative freedom.

The 165 volunteer initiatives involved making one or more teams available for a limited period of time to provide operational support for specific initiatives run by non-profit organizations in the name of general interest causes. In some countries, this may also be regarded as skills-based sponsorship.

You will find a presentation of select projects in the CSR, social aspects, section of our website.

Donations and charity work: emergency aid is ongoing. To a greater or lesser extent, natural disasters and tragic accidents can prompt spontaneous acts of generosity that bring employees and management together. Under these extraordinary circumstances, local presence is a key factor for success. This is why the Groupe gives priority to a decentralized approach and local initiatives.

Outside of exceptional circumstances, the Groupe regularly provides financial support to some charities. The identification of these charities may be made by the Chair of the Supervisory Board, up to an amount fixed by the Supervisory Board.

Common Ground: in 2016, Publicis Groupe, together with five other communications groups, committed to back the Secretary General of the United Nations by lending their expertise to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. As part of this unique industry approach, Publicis Groupe has continued to work on SDG no. 2: Zero Hunger. Since 2016, more than 260 projects have received support from the teams, either via pro bono, volunteering or charity work.