2020 Annual Financial Report

Chapter 4 : Corporate social responsibility – non-financial performance

In more than 90% of entities, agency management is, and remains, local. A key success factor of the Groupe’s agency acquisition and integration policy is maintaining the local management team in place, not to mention the necessity of gaining a strong cultural foothold so as to understand the markets in which we operate. The vast majority of an entity’s employees are local, which is why it is essential to create teams with diverse profiles – career path, experience, culture, language, nationality, etc. Relationships with academia, schools and universities

In 2020, many of the face-to-face programs or activities conducted in universities and schools were replaced by virtual sessions. Around 780 programs between the Groupe’s agencies and establishments took place. The objective remains to help young people find out about jobs in the industry and show them that they have a place with us. Technologically-oriented collaborations with certain establishments were established for pilot projects. A number of managers act as regular contacts in certain disciplines and domains, and share their experience with future professionals.

The Groupe has forged relationships with various schools, universities (see corporate website, CSR section) and organizations that are highly committed to diversity. Publicis Groupe is a member of All4Youth, created and run by Nestlé, bringing together several companies and aiming to offer new integration opportunities for young people in specific paths, and to work on their employability. The Groupe’s agencies are committed to attracting talented young people from underprivileged backgrounds, through targeted support programs.

4.1.3 Development of skills, experience, careers

2020 was marked by the rollout of the Groupe’s internal platform, Marcel, around the world. Marcel fulfills several roles, including an essential one for training, with Marcel Classes. The objective is to make training work for all employees and to make it a part of the business’s strategic plan so as to move towards a continuous learning culture. Each employee needs to be able to develop professionally and maintain their employability within a rapidly changing ecosystem.


1,640,540 hours of traning

of which 45% on MRCL Classes

74% of employees received training equivalent to 28.1 hours per capita

Coding, Programming, Software, Engineering, Algorithms : 33 %

Business know-how, Business acumen : 19 %

Professional development, personal development, soft skills : 18 %

Integration, internal culture  : 12 %

Strategy, Consulting : 7 %

  • 74% of employees benefited from some form of training or career development in 2020;
  • 1,640,540 hours of training were given during the year (i.e. 28.1 hours per capita, based on the number of employees trained), of which more than 75% composed of e-learning, around half of which took place on Marcel Classes.
Marcel Classes at the heart of the employee training strategy

2020 marks the accelerated rollout of the Marcel internal artificial intelligence platform to more than 80,000 employees. Marcel Classes is a platform for Education Learning On Demand (ELOD) comprising more than 30,000 modules, on 700 different subjects, giving access to content developed by partners or third-party experts in a very wide range of fields, available in seven languages or self-produced by Groupe entities to meet very specific needs. All modules are accessible to everyone, 24/7. All of the Groupe’s major business lines are represented in order to learn, improve, be certified in certain cases, discover business innovations and share best practices. It offers curricula tailored to the needs of employees by business line or level.

Marcel Classes is also an opportunity to learn while being generous. In October 2020, a partnership was set up with LinkedIn and UN Women on the theme “Complete a Course – Give a Course”. The aim is to enable employees following certain training sessions to give access to other sessions to people affected by the crisis and who have few resources for professional development. The initial goal was to unlock 5,000 online courses. Thanks to Groupe employees, more than 14,000 online modules were made available to underprivileged people.

Among the Groupe’s training programs, LAB 1 for Immersive Leadership Learning LAB (for “Live action Boost”), is intended for high potential and future managers in business and operational functions. This program is a career accelerator, which benefited 232 participants worldwide in virtual mode in 2020. It is based on original approaches to learn to think and work differently and enable these young people to form a network.